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Posted by Darryl Wolk on August 17, 2014 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Problem: Newmarket is out of development lands and can only look at in-fill development projects.


· Newmarket is surrounded by environmentally sensitive land including the Greenbelt, York Region Forests, Oak Ridge’s Moraine, East Holland River, Fairy Lake Park and Holland Marsh. Under “Places to Grow” legislation, our growth target is a population over 100,000 by 2030.


· By pandering, Newmarket Council bungled the Glenway, Slessor Square and Clock Tower development applications. Glenway cost taxpayers $1M at the OMB and in the end, Council settled for more than the developer initially asked for.



Solution: We need a proactive, not a reactive approach to development.


· The Towns’ Secondary Plan allows for intensification along Davis Dr. and Yonge St.


· We can encourage smart growth that protects our heritage district and established neighbourhoods.


· I will tell residents what they need to hear, I will not pander to what they want to hear.


· Newmarket is a growing urban centre and York Region's capital. We need vision for 2050 and we cannot turn the clock backwards to 1950.


· Rather than take a confrontational approach with developers, Newmarket must work with them on solutions that are appropriate and protective for the community....we cannot stop growth by gambling our tax dollars away at the OMB.


To learn more about smart growth in Newmarket, please read my full platform at: http://www.votewolk.com/platformofideas.htm