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Posted by Darryl Wolk on August 17, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Problem: Taxes & fees shouldn’t pay for political mistakes.


· Over the past nine years, your taxes have increased averaging 4.45% (2006 -3.81%, 2007 - 6.39%, 2008 - 6.56%, 2009- 4.19%, 2010 -3.81%, 2011 - 5.89%, 2012- 3.95%, 2013 -3.74% & 2014- 1.68%). Newmarket has the second highest property tax rate in York Region and the ninth highest in Canada according to MoneySense Magazine.


· Reserve funds are dangerously low. Newmarket Council has raided them to pay for the Old Town Hall cost overruns, the Secret Soccer bailout deal and the Maystar lawsuit related to the Magna Centre.


· These political mistakes resulted in a new "infrastructure levy" passed during game seven of the Maple Leafs playoffs when nobody was paying attention. Debt and spending have increased dramatically at both York Region and the Town of Newmarket.



Solution: Get our municipal priorities in order.


· Eliminate waste, establish clear standards for how the asset replacement fund is used.


· Get our debt under control at York Region before we face a downgrade and higher borrowing costs that will impact core services.


· Each department should be able to identify savings and the “sunshine list” can be reduced through attrition.


· Raising taxes should not always be the first option.


· Selling Newmarket Hydro could make Newmarket a debt free community while reducing hydro distribution rates and improving customer service.


· Similar to our own households, we must tighten our belts at York Region and Newmarket by living within our means.


To learn more about respecting taxpayers in Newmarket, please read my full platform at: http://www.votewolk.com/platformofideas.htm