Darryl Wolk

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Posted by Darryl Wolk on August 16, 2014 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Problem: York Region is not getting a fair share of per-capita health, education and social services funding from Queen's Park.


· Is it fair that this has resulted in reduced services, long wait times and property tax levies for Newmarket residents? NO


· Other major challenges have included: the fact that York Region faced a 91 day transit strike, this past winter there was a garbage crisis, many of our recreational facilities are in need of major repair and services are lacking compared to our neighbours in York Region and the GTA.


· Newmarket Council has lost their focus and core services have suffered!



Solution: We need to strongly advocate for a Fair Share of health, education and social services funding from the province.


· Newmarket must focus on our core mandate for the Town and York Region and ensure that we are delivering first class services with outstanding community service.


· Residents should expect the bus to arrive on time, the garbage to get picked up and their sports fields to be well maintained.


·Fire services in York Region should merge to realize efficiencies and improve coverage. I support a Regional Fire Services similar to YRP and EMS. 


· First class customer service should be expected from all town staff and elected officials.


· We must strive for quality schools and hospitals that can accommodate growth. We pay high taxes in Newmarket, therefore people should expect reliable quality services for those taxes.


To learn more about demanding reliable quality services in Newmarket and York Region, please read my full platform at: http://www.votewolk.com/platformofideas.htm