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Posted by Darryl Wolk on August 17, 2014 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Problem: Newmarket is dead last in job creation within York Region.


· Vacancies can be found on Main Street, construction has negatively impacted and also forced businesses to lose revenue and some to close on Davis Dr.


· Why should businesses on Yonge St. be forced to worry about the impact of construction on their bottom line? Because they have seen the negative impact on Davis Dr.


· Our manufacturing sector has taken a major hit and Harry Walker (employment lands) are becoming a ghost town.


· Newmarket has become a “public sector” economy and many have to commute long distances to find jobs.


· Has this poor performance of the local economy put extra pressure on residential property taxpayers? Yes.


· Newmarket was not ready to put it best foot forward to pitch for a University campus in Northern York Region. An opportunity was lost as a result. Can this all be salvaged? Perhaps but we must act now.


· Newmarket must have a “business friendly” Council which has not occurred and has ultimately cost us jobs at Flextronics, Magna, Snap-on Tools and Tenatronics. Will additional layoffs be possible in the future if we do not act now? YES



Solution: We must be competitive, provide incentives and reduce industrial taxes.


· Is Newmarket “open for business” and competitive with our competition in the GTA? NO.


· Is there to much red tape to navigate along with unnecessary by-laws? YES ...this is hurting our small businesses.


· Newmarket must recruit at least one major head office or large employer. Aurora recruited Magna, State Farm and Bulk Barn.


· Newmarket needs a broadband strategy and a medical innovation centre to leverage our hospital.


· Newmarket should negotiate with the province to acquire Woodbine area for a Newmarket Business Park along Hwy 404 and Green Lane for a University campus in Northern York Region.


To learn more about a Newmarket open for business, please read my full platform at: http://www.votewolk.com/platformofideas.htm