Darryl Wolk

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Positive Ideas for Change in Newmarket and York Region


Wolk Newmarket Regional Councillor Platform "Focused on YOUR Issues for a CHANGE!"  


No candidate in the history of Newmarket has ever put forward such a detailed platform in a municipal election. These ideas are an opportunity to be transparent about what positive change looks like in Newmarket. It is an evolving document and I am still listening and interested in hearing ideas from residents in Newmarket and York Region. These ideas come from conversations with Newmarket residents, businesses and stakeholder organizations. Please provide me with any feedback at 905-716-9655 (WOLK), Darryl@votewolk.com or on social media. Voting day in Newmarket is October 27, 2014. It is time to focus on YOUR issues for a change!


 Value for Taxes & Quality Reliable Services:

-Get York Region's debt under control with a clear strategy to avoid a credit downgrade. Sell surplus Regional lands and assets to reduce debt. Find savings in York Region administrative building proposal to avoid putting the Region's finances at risk. Some of the luxuries a waste of taxpayer money. More transparency is needed on regional budgets and issues.


-Send an annual report to every house in Newmarket outlining where taxes go along with budget highlights and services available.


-Reduce sunshine list through attrition by 10%.


-Salaries, benefits and wages cannot exceed property taxes collected.


-Cut waste such as $30K staff coffee budget. Review each budget item line by line to find waste.


-Review all town grants and programs. Eliminate if there is no value for taxpayers.


-Sell Newmarket Hydro to Powerstream to reduce rates, improve service, increase community support and create debt free community.


-Waive town fees for charities, non-profits and sports clubs for fundraising events. Work closely with sports clubs, service clubs and the faith community. Encourage the creation of ratepayer and neighbourhood groups.


-Create jobs and recruit employers to reduce burden on residential taxpayers.


-Eliminate new parking charges at Hollingsworth arena.


-No tax increases above inflation.


-At least one tax freeze by focusing on cutting waste instead of raising revenues for a change. This has been accomplished in Windsor, Markham and Mississauga.


-Get water rates under control without compromising on safety.


-Oppose "infrastructure levy" and set clear guidelines to prevent abuse of town reserves.


-Advocate for a fair share of social services, health and education funding from the Province of Ontario.


-Eliminate "investments" outside of the core mandate of the town.


-Support arbitration reform at the Province and contract out services where it makes sense. Upload fire services to the Region similar to police services.


-Reduce spending in each department by 5%.


-Open the Newmarket Public Library on Mondays.


-Newmarket should be a leader in accessibility with services that are inclusive to all residents.


-Stop Council from constantly reaching into your pocket with new fees, taxes and schemes.


Local Jobs:


-Acquire Woodbine to create a job zone along the Eastern side of Highway 404 in Newmarket.


-Acquire Green Lane for a University/College campus and to control growth impacting Newmarket residents.


-Reduce red tape for our businesses.


-Reduce industrial tax rate that is not competitive and resulting in closed manufacturing plants in town.


-Lobby for a medical innovation centre in Newmarket to leverage our hospital for economic development.


-Reduce the focus of economic development department on Main Street and refocus to 404 area.


-Support a business friendly attitude on Council that currently does not exist.


-Support broadband strategy for Newmarket and York Region funded by the federal government.


-Currently Newmarket is dead last in York Region over the past ten years in job creation and economic growth. We need a taskforce of business experts in town who can look at ways to improve and ensure Newmarket is Open for Business to reverse this trend.


-Convert Newmarket Chamber of Commerce to Newmarket Board of Trade to show we are serious about business in an emerging urban centre and York Region's capital.


-Attempt to recruit at least one major head office similar to State Farm and Magna.


-Look for new opportunities in a global economy.


Less Traffic Congestion:


-Top public transit priority in Newmarket should be all day, two way GO Trains 7 days a week. Priority should not be YRT/VIVA Next. Redirect funds from Yonge dedicated bus lanes to more frequent GO Trains. It doesn't make sense to fund empty buses while dealing with packed trains.


-Support extension of Highway 427 North for better access to the Pearson International Airport.


-Complete review of York Region Transit and Mobility Plus to address empty buses, high fares and poor service. Support YRT as an Essential Service similar to TTC.


-Support making YRT an essential service to avoid strikes in the future.


-Get moving on Bathurst extension between Green Lane and Yonge to reduce traffic on Yonge. This project has been on hold for over a decade.


-Support the Bradford By-Pass highway proposal in Northern York Region.  Extend Bayview Parkway to Green Lane.


-Support 404 expanded to three lanes through Newmarket with full onramps at St. Johns, Mulock, Davis and Green Lane.


-No new taxes for transit. This includes gas tax, road tolls, HST increase etc. Provincial Liberals have shown there is plenty of waste at Queen's Park to fund transit.


-Scrap dangerous bike lanes on Davis Drive.


-Support Yonge subway extension to at least Highway 7.


-Set the conditions to allow the Tannery to reach its full potential as a transit hub located on the trail system near the historic downtown.


Smart Growth:


-Support intensification on Yonge and Davis while preserving existing neighbourhoods to meet inevitable growth targets. Opposed to arbitrary height restrictions that threaten jobs or unique quality projects. Applications should be decided on a case by case basis based on what is best for the neighbourhood impacted and the community at large.


-Work with developer partners to reduce wasted legal fees at the OMB.


-Support increased density to support businesses on Main Street while protecting heritage buildings including the Old Town Hall and Clock Tower.


-Pass a motion calling on the Province to scrap Places to Grow Legislation and restore decision making authority to local government. Ask for reforms to the OMB to strengthen municipal official plans.


-Support affordable housing, rental units and basement apartments.


-Support condo buildings and rental apartments to allow seniors and young professionals to stay in town.


-Make the best of VIVA project on Davis and Yonge by redeveloping these streets as part of a new urban centre and Regional capital. Davis bus project has been a hassle and waste of taxpayer money but it is too late to cancel the project.


-Extend heritage district and protect our history on Prospect and Lorne.


-Consider city status once our population hits 100,000.


-Improve snow removal service on roads and sidewalks. Hold contractor to account on waste pickup in residential areas. Treat all businesses in town equal in terms of services provided for taxes paid. Include customer service metrics in private contracts.



-Increased police enforcement to fight speeding in residential neighbourhoods and school zones. Opposed to photo radar.



-Increase crossing guards to improve safety on residential streets and in school zones where children frequent.


Affordable Recreation:


-Focus on reducing user fees so that all of our kids can play sports.


-Reform shady soccer loan deal and restructure in a manner that respects taxpayers and those who pay user fees in town.


-Work with MLSE Foundation to bring an outdoor hockey rink to town. Build outdoor rinks and a turf field where feasible in town.


-Work with the school boards to turn schools into community recreation hubs.


-Treat all sports clubs equally. More facilities for cricket, basketball and tennis. Increase pools, splash pads and colling stations.


-Bring back Hot Air Balloon Festival, introduce Fall Fair and use Riverwalk Commons for New Years Celebrations in town. Celebrate "Newmarket Day" similar to "Brampton Day" or "Caledon Day".


-Bring OHL hockey back to Newmarket when opportunity arises. Encourage more events at Ray Twinney Complex. Sell naming rights to renovate the facility to modern standards. We need to encourage wrestling events and the circus. Not try and ban it. 


-Consider proposals for minor league baseball, soccer and basketball.


-Support local artists and increase public art along trail system.


-Use Newmarket Theatre and Old Town Hall to feature local talent, artists and comedians.


-Continue to improve and invest in parks, trails and green space enjoyed by many people in our town. Invest in our museum and preserving our heritage.


-Find a location for an art gallery in town.


-Invest in arts and culture.


-Extend Bayview Parkway North along with trail system and George Richardson Park to Green Lane by working with developers and EG. 


Customer Service, Professional Representation & Open Transparent Government:


-Focus on customer service for constituents.


-Return calls, emails and social media messages quickly.


-Meet regularily with residents, businesses and organizations as requested.


-Utilize technology to better serve residents.


-Conduct myself in a professional manner to avoid wasted tax dollars on integrity commissioner.


-Promote Newmarket in national media and around the GTA.


-Leverage my political relationships to the benefit of Newmarket. Work with all levels of government regardless of partisan affiliation.


-Work in transparent fashion at all times.


-Attend meetings and events on a regular basis.


-Give my cell phone to all residents and use social media to serve constituents quickly.


-I will not use my expense account, green slush fund or other Council perks that waste taxpayer money or result in taxpayers funding my re-election campaign.


-Use technology such as virtual town halls to better connect with residents.


-Attend town hall meetings to get direct feedback from residents on important town issues and local ward issues.


-Cut Council from7 to 5 and pay a full time salary to improve quality of representation.


-Will not vote to reduce Newmarket's influence at Regional Council in terms of seat allocation.


-Support inviting Bradford to join York Region.


-Regional Councillor should automatically be Deputy Mayor in Newmarket.


-Scrap Code of Conduct used for political purposes and to settle personality feuds. Too much taxpayer money has been wasted on integrity commissioners and kangaroo courts. 


-Scrap Green Slush Fund and reduce expense accounts for Councillors. These funds have been abused for re-election purposes by current Council. 


-Encourage competitive procurement for town purchases and eliminate sole sourced contracts.


-Replace car allowance with transit passes for elected officials.


-Support internet voting.


-Livestream all meetings in Newmarket and York Region.


-Post ALL expenses online.


-Post Council voting records on town and region website in easy to read format.


-Publish attendance record of all Newmarket Councillors on town website so that the public knows who is showing up for work and who is not.


-Council should meet during the summer to make sure more work gets done over a term. Few in the private sector get anywhere close to the vacation time our local politicians currently enjoy.


-Support recall legislation and modernization of municipal laws at provincial level. Support town wide referendums on major issues and projects such as the Old Town Hall.


-Reform street naming policy to crack down on cronyism and politicians naming assets after themselves.


-Support Ontario Ombudsman oversight to reduce secret in-camera meetings taking place in Newmarket.


-Elect Regional Chair directly by the people.


Why Change is Needed in Newmarket Council & York Region Council